About us

Jack Russell London evolved from the union of leather bag and accessory specialists, Jack Russell Malletier Paris, with a directional London-based creative team. We create bags and accessories that make it easier to live and work exactly how you want. The lines between work and private life are becoming more fluid. While you should look the part at work but what’s inside your bag remains very personal to you. 

 The Jack Russell London logo was inspired by Morse code, the shortest and most far reaching method of communication. It is graphic and simple, just like the shapes you will find in our collections. 


A day that starts with a sit-down meeting and a freshly ironed shirt could swiftly segue-way into a climbing session, before finishing with a standing dinner at a burrito van or a classic malt whiskey at a chic hotel bar. Whatever turn your day might take, our versatile bags will keep you covered. Inside a clean design hides an array of compartments and pockets, ideal for holding both professional and personal day-to-day essentials. Sophisticated, transitional designs mean that no one will ever know you are carrying your gym kit into a client meeting.


Committed to using high quality design features, leathers and fabrics, we are passionate about every detail that goes into shaping a timeless bag, as well as the story behind it. Travel light with our slim briefcase, a compact design that comfortably fits a 13 inch laptop safely. Bags like this provide the freedom to work and play on the move.


We love the idea of travel without borders. For us, this means being free to move around and explore, safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need at any time. Our signature range, 51°30, is named after the coordinates of our London design studios in Borough. The coordinates of our collections reflect the places where we gather ideas. We find inspiration everywhere we move, in our travels around town, long haul adventures, even an everyday trip to the corner shop. These rich and inspired insights are combined, brought back to the studio and fed into the very heart of our design process.